New io Game it’s Fun try it Eat Foot or Players Grow drink water to stay alive. Start as a tiny mouse, and forage the woods for berries. Eat from the berry bushes to gain experience points, and make sure to drink from the water spots to stay hydrated. As you eat more and more, you will progress up the food chain. You pretty much evolve into a new, more powerful animal every time you gain enough XP. The more powerful you become, the more players you can attack! is a ton of fun, give it a try!

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Mopeio Game is another fun massive multiplayer arcade game similar to and This time, you will take control of a tiny mouse living in rough world. In this game, you must eat berries and drink water to survive and grow bigger as you avoid all the big rats. Once you get bigger, you move up the food chain and eat smaller animals. You must alternate between food and water to grow bigger. Note that animals of the same color won’t be able to harm you. Use the bigger friendly animals to your advantage.It is very important that you stay away for any large animals just because they think of you enjoy. Animals of the same color as you yourself can not hurt you. Flee away from those larger. Large animals feed on meat only, so when they see you, so it immediately after you. Choose a name and go to the game, where you try to be the best ones. There’s ranking players, so you have at least some motivation.

How To Play

Left Click To Run
Press W or Right Click to shoot water.
Press Enter in Game to chat.
Avoid Players Circled in red.
Eat Players Circled light green.

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